Kate Tarrant Eventing

Kate Tarrant Eventing


Kate Tarrant inverviewTo continue developing and maintaining my team of horses I hopes to build a team of owners and sponsors who share my passion for Three Day Eventing. Owners and sponsors are an essential component of any event riders team, particularly those who aspire to reach the very top – which I certainly do.

With the financial backing of owners and sponsors I will be able to realise my and my owners and sponsors ambitions and compete their string of horses at the very highest level, whilst involving people with the sport of Eventing.

Kate Tarrant Eventing - Sponsorship Opportunities

Become an eventing sponsor

I am looking for individuals who share my passion for eventing. In return for your financial and moral support I hope to offer you a wide range of benefits by becoming involved in this exciting sport.

Having a personal interest in a particular horse's progress can be immensely satisfying, particularly once your horse reaches the very highest levels.

Owners and sponsors would obtain regular updates on my and the horses progress via this website.

Kate Tarrent Eventing sponsorshipI hope you would join me at some of the many events I attend, perhaps to join me for a Champagne picnic, walk the Cross Country course with me or simply spectate and absorb some of the most beautiful locations in Europe. Being an owner or sponsor provides the very best way to enjoy the social aspects of Eventing – not least the Event Horse Owner's Association marquees that are a fixture of many of the top events! Owners will receive photographs and DVDs of their horses in action and I would encourage you to attend my training clinics to see your horse's progress. I have provided commercial benefits to our existing sponsors with advertising on the side of my horse box, the team's kit and on the arenas at Littleton. Additionally I have hosted corporate hospitality at event's for sponsors and remind you that your financial contributions are tax deductible.

Kate Tarrant Eventing - More Sponsorship Opportunities

become an eventing owner with Kate TarrantJust think I could be competing your horse head to head with current national and Olympic team members and ultimately taking your horse onto international teams and around the most recognisable tracks in the sport. Eventing is a team sport - horse, rider and the supporters. I cannot achieve these goals without your support. For more information and a full sponsorship pack please contact me at Kate Tarrant Eventing, info@katetarranteventing.co.uk