Kate Tarrant Eventing

Kate Tarrant Eventing

My Sponsors

Kate Tarrant inverviewTo continue developing and maintaining my team of horses I hopes to build a team of owners and sponsors who share my passion for Three Day Eventing. Owners and sponsors are an essential component of any event riders team, particularly those who aspire to reach the very top – which I certainly do.

Voltaire Design

voltaire design sponsor Kate Tarrant

I am very lucky to be supported by Voltaire deisgn saddles who I started working with when they entered the UK in 2012. A French based company these saddles are beautiful to riding and my horses move and jump to their optimum in them.

Pure Feed Company

the pure feed company sponsor kate tarrant eventing

I started feeding the yard Pure Feed at the start of 2013 and the horses look and feel the best they ever have. The companies philosophy and service is second to none and it is a pleasure to endorse something that we know works so well.

Surrey Vet Physio

surrey vet physio sponsor Kate Tarrant Eventing

Helen Morrel has been treating the horses since 2013 and helps keep an eye on any niggling problems and gives the horses much needed tlc to support them through the event season. She has also been known to patch up humans and dogs while she is here to!

Charles James Fox – Born and Bred

born and bred charles james fox sponsor kate tarrant eventing

I got involved with the Charles James Fox Born and Bred young rider support scheme as a mentor in 2013, a great initiative to support younger riders entering the sport and a fantastic range of clothing to go with.

Get Involved

I am always looking for more people to become part of the Kate Tarrant Eventing team, this could be on a business or a personal level. Could this be something for you? This would offer involvement at the heart of an amazing extreme sport, top sponosrship opportunities and a fantastic social environment, so many reasons to be involved!

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